Everyone thought I was crazy buying a car and going on an adventure with two people I have never met. I was nothing but excited to start truly exploring the Rockies that have been surrounding me for the last few months. I picked Pete and Paul up from the airport, we did some shopping and off we went. First stop was Johnston canyon, followed by Moraine Lake, Sentinel Pass and a stop at the hot springs! Then I headed home for the weekend to shoot a couple of weddings before coming back to get the boys and head to Jasper National Park. Whilst the weather changed our original plans and definitely made nights extra cold. It was all so worth it! The colours from fall mixed with the snow was so beautiful. Hiking with little flurries everywhere was so incredible. Not to mention waking up to snow in the camp ground making the whole experience magical. Here are a few of my favourites from the first week of camping and my new friends Pete and Paul.