I was so excited to head back to Banff to pick up the boys, and go further into the National park. This was my first time out in Jasper and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Jasper is the sweetest little town and it isn’t over run by tourists like Banff. If my car didn’t break down I would have been back there already by now haha. We stopped many times on the way out of Banff to Jasper visiting waterfalls along the way. Once we arrived we stayed in Whistlers Camp ground which was had so many run elk ( super scary in mating season). They sound so magical, and are beautiful from afar. We definitely had a scare up close in our campsite one night! Whilst in Jasper we walked the town (got the biggest ice cream!!), went to Annette Lake for sunset, Maligne Lake for sunrise, to Whistlers summit and back out to the Ice Fields and Wilcox Pass. Amazing scenery everywhere and a little dusting of snow all the mountains. Jasper is definitely a place I want to go back to end explore more of. This was an amazing place to end our trip in, so many great memories and I made two new friends! Thanks so much to Pete and Paul for having me on this trip.