On May 4th 2017, I made the solo move to the other side of the world! Right now I am sitting on my bed in Calgary, Alberta! How did I find myself here?

A lot has changed in my life over the last year, and a lot of those changes have lead to a path of self discovery and asking the question ‘What do I want?’ I was someone I had forgotten to check in with. So as I pulled my life back together and remembered to add myself into the equation. I started turning back to the things in life I knew deep down I still had a passion for, and from there how my life has blossomed. 
I meet an incredible, inspiring and like minded lady named Jess. I struck up a conversation with her about how scary it must be shooting another wedding photographers wedding. It was here in this moment that things started to turn around for me. Jess asked me a few question found out I too was a photographer and with that she gave me her number and told me to contact her. I was so surprised, she hadn’t seen my work yet but was keen to take me along to some events with her. 
So I messaged Jess over and over in the lead up to the start of the wedding season, hoping she wouldn’t forget me. She didn’t and true to her word she started taking me along to wedding’s with her. We had long car ride chats, not just about photography, but all the little things that life throws at. Jess is such a caring and nurturing soul, being with her and learning from her was the greatest way to start to set myself up to do what I love.  Through the wedding season I shot with so many other wonderful creatives, Kim, Anne, Steph all slightly different but all with so much passion and drive to give there couples the absolute best of them! They had done it these beautiful people had relit my passion for photography and my love for the people. With there encouragement, I again felt like I did have a talent for photography.
Photography wasn’t the only passion I followed, I have always loved travel! and done a lot of it! But I have never just gone somewhere for me, and because I wanted. So there it was the big decision where do I want to go? Why? and the big question, what do I want to do? I had previously been to Canada and loved it, but I had never been in the summer. I looked into all the beautiful places and decided on Calgary, Alberta as I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I got here. Continue shooting weddings, open my portfolio right up to different scenery. The mountains, lush grass, blue skies and the most amazing back drops ever! Just a little different to our dry paddocks, and beaches back in Australia (although still stunning!).
So here I am just a little over a month into my travel’s, and making those dreams a reality! So far I have shoot one gorgeous country wedding with an amazing lady named Lori. It was incredible, a tiny town, with grain elevators, old steam trains, massive red barns and the sweetest couple! Followed by my legit dream, an elopement in the mountains! Brandie was lovely enough to take me along for this one. She drove us up to Banff, and pointed out the deer to me as we drove! When we arrived at Two Jacks Lake the scenery was breathtaking! I couldn’t believe how magical the day felt, this stunning couple so so so in love surrounded by the beautiful mountains and the sparkling still waters.  
Normally I am not big on sharing, but part of my promise to myself on this adventure is to let more people in, to take more pictures of myself and live every moment of it! Thank you to all the beautiful people who got me here today. My beautiful family, my encouraging friends, my truly wonderful mentors back home
Kim and Anne  and to the beautiful new people I already have met, 
Lori and
Brandie I can’t wait to see what the future here holds <3

Courtney xx

 Keeping true to my promise, a picture of myself at Grassi Lakes 
Keeping true to my promise, a picture of myself at Grassi Lakes 
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