Jasper National Park

I was so excited to head back to Banff to pick up the boys, and go further into the National park. This was my first time out in Jasper and it certainly didn't disappoint. Jasper is the sweetest little town and it isn't over run by tourists like Banff. If my car didn't break down I would have been back there already by now haha. We stopped many times on the way out of Banff to Jasper visiting waterfalls along the way. Once we arrived we stayed in Whistlers Camp ground which was had so many run elk ( super scary in mating season). They sound so magical, and are beautiful from afar. We definitely had a scare up close in our campsite one night! Whilst in Jasper we walked the town (got the biggest ice cream!!), went to Annette Lake for sunset, Maligne Lake for sunrise, to Whistlers summit and back out to the Ice Fields and Wilcox Pass. Amazing scenery everywhere and a little dusting of snow all the mountains. Jasper is definitely a place I want to go back to end explore more of. This was an amazing place to end our trip in, so many great memories and I made two new friends! Thanks so much to Pete and Paul for having me on this trip.

Banff National Park

Everyone thought I was crazy buying a car and going on an adventure with two people I have never met. I was nothing but excited to start truly exploring the Rockies that have been surrounding me for the last few months. I picked Pete and Paul up from the airport, we did some shopping and off we went. First stop was Johnston canyon, followed by Moraine Lake, Sentinel Pass and a stop at the hot springs! Then I headed home for the weekend to shoot a couple of weddings before coming back to get the boys and head to Jasper National Park. Whilst the weather changed our original plans and definitely made nights extra cold. It was all so worth it! The colours from fall mixed with the snow was so beautiful. Hiking with little flurries everywhere was so incredible. Not to mention waking up to snow in the camp ground making the whole experience magical. Here are a few of my favourites from the first week of camping and my new friends Pete and Paul.

Waterton National Park

This was a massive weekend, I brought a car drove from Calgary to Lethbridge shot two weddings, stayed in Taber and went to cornfest! and finally drove from Taber to Waterton. I hiked bear hump with a lovely group of people that I met at the base, had lunch with them in town and then headed to Blakiston falls. It was such a beautiful day trip and was nice to be able to see the mountains again! Back home in Calgary over the last couple of days the mountains have finally come back into view, YAY! But sadly now wildfires burn through Waterton national park. I am so glad I took the opportunity of a short day trip when I did. I hope the fires in Waterton are put out soon and people can return to their homes. Waterton is so beautiful, I hope it survives this terrible wildfire season here in Canada.

Sulphur Mountain

Sulphur Mountain, what a hike!! Definitely on the walk up I wished several times i was rich enough to afford the gondola ride up. But once I reached the top and saw these views the hike definitely paid off. The views are absolutely stunning, I'd say breathtaking but I was already pretty short of breath when I got to the top so I can't be sure if that was the views or the hike haha. I loved the mountain that had snow on it shaped like a face. Check it out in the second image.


Alaska I can not wait to go back again to learn more and see more of this beautiful place. Alaska was not only the first time I had seen a friend from back home in months but also a life changing experience. 
So here are some pictures of our adventure together! We could not have had our amazing experience with out the kindness of our beautiful couchsurfing hosts! So thankful that there are such amazing and giving people in the world! We started in Anchorage where I stupidly forgot my camera :( But I highly suggest a midnight hike up flat top mountain it was the most incredible and breathtaking experience. With such beautiful views from the top. From here we got in our Jeep and drove to Denali national park, where the adventure really begins. Seeing many animals and spectacular views including Denali itself. We learnt a lot from the ranger talks and attempted our own unmarked trail hikes for the first time ever. From Denali we drove to Seward, going to Exit Glacier which was really eye opening for me to see how far the glaciers are retreating. We did several hikes and even some salmon fishing with some locals. Again thanks to our couchsurfing hosts for this experience. The images really don't do justice to the beautiful spaces, but I hope inspire some people to go visit Alaska and see the amazing landscape for themselves. 


Montana Glacier National Park

Wow this seems like such a long time ago. I have been super busy as late, but better late than never. Here are some pictures from my short but sweet trip to Montana with my housemate and her family.  I feel so lucky to have moved to the other side of the world and managed to snag the best housemate ever. The hardest part about leaving home was leaving my family behind. My housemate straight away introduced me to her family and invited me to family events with out even thinking twice. Making the move here much easier and so nice to feel apart of a family. When they asked me to their family cabin I was so excited and it definitely didn't disappoint! They even drove the long way home so I could see Glacier National park, which was so incredible and is definitely on my to do list to go back to.



A few snap shots from a little walk around the city,  as I went to buy my new hiking boots! So many adventures ahead of me :)
Courtney xo


Grassi Lakes

My first little adventure in Alberta! I was so excited to be finally heading into the mountains. I had to choose an easy hike first; As the elevation took me a little while to adjust too. Moving from living at sea level to the mountains my body did not enjoy. So we did a family friendly hike at Grassi Lakes it was simply stunning! I also got the most amazing taco's in Canmore from a 2 story bus and got to meet a beautiful lab, named Sim. Check the pics below to see both
Courtney xo

The solo move

On May 4th 2017, I made the solo move to the other side of the world! Right now I am sitting on my bed in Calgary, Alberta! How did I find myself here?

A lot has changed in my life over the last year, and a lot of those changes have lead to a path of self discovery and asking the question 'What do I want?' I was someone I had forgotten to check in with. So as I pulled my life back together and remembered to add myself into the equation. I started turning back to the things in life I knew deep down I still had a passion for, and from there how my life has blossomed. 
I meet an incredible, inspiring and like minded lady named Jess. I struck up a conversation with her about how scary it must be shooting another wedding photographers wedding. It was here in this moment that things started to turn around for me. Jess asked me a few question found out I too was a photographer and with that she gave me her number and told me to contact her. I was so surprised, she hadn't seen my work yet but was keen to take me along to some events with her. 
So I messaged Jess over and over in the lead up to the start of the wedding season, hoping she wouldn't forget me. She didn't and true to her word she started taking me along to wedding's with her. We had long car ride chats, not just about photography, but all the little things that life throws at. Jess is such a caring and nurturing soul, being with her and learning from her was the greatest way to start to set myself up to do what I love.  Through the wedding season I shot with so many other wonderful creatives, Kim, Anne, Steph all slightly different but all with so much passion and drive to give there couples the absolute best of them! They had done it these beautiful people had relit my passion for photography and my love for the people. With there encouragement, I again felt like I did have a talent for photography.
Photography wasn't the only passion I followed, I have always loved travel! and done a lot of it! But I have never just gone somewhere for me, and because I wanted. So there it was the big decision where do I want to go? Why? and the big question, what do I want to do? I had previously been to Canada and loved it, but I had never been in the summer. I looked into all the beautiful places and decided on Calgary, Alberta as I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I got here. Continue shooting weddings, open my portfolio right up to different scenery. The mountains, lush grass, blue skies and the most amazing back drops ever! Just a little different to our dry paddocks, and beaches back in Australia (although still stunning!).
So here I am just a little over a month into my travel's, and making those dreams a reality! So far I have shoot one gorgeous country wedding with an amazing lady named Lori. It was incredible, a tiny town, with grain elevators, old steam trains, massive red barns and the sweetest couple! Followed by my legit dream, an elopement in the mountains! Brandie was lovely enough to take me along for this one. She drove us up to Banff, and pointed out the deer to me as we drove! When we arrived at Two Jacks Lake the scenery was breathtaking! I couldn't believe how magical the day felt, this stunning couple so so so in love surrounded by the beautiful mountains and the sparkling still waters.  
Normally I am not big on sharing, but part of my promise to myself on this adventure is to let more people in, to take more pictures of myself and live every moment of it! Thank you to all the beautiful people who got me here today. My beautiful family, my encouraging friends, my truly wonderful mentors back home
Jess http://www.elkandwillow.com/  
Kim http://www.sundaylovephotography.com.au/ and Anne https://www.whiteshutterphotography.com/  and to the beautiful new people I already have met, 
Lori http://loreephotography.com/ and
Brandie http://www.sunleyphotography.com/ I can't wait to see what the future here holds <3

Courtney xx

Keeping true to my promise, a picture of myself at Grassi Lakes&nbsp;

Keeping true to my promise, a picture of myself at Grassi Lakes