“Life becomes more meaningful when you realise you will never get the same moment twice.”

When family is your everything, the only way to freeze the magic of your family life is to capture those memories.

Family photos that capture your family as they are; Taken in a place that means something to you.
I want to create family pictures that when your kids grow up mean something more than just getting pictures taken.
Whether they are in front of your house, in your backyard, on the family couch, in your local park or playground, at your holiday location.
Anywhere that when you look back at the pictures there are so many memories that are sparked.
Not just those of the shoot, but all the ones created in that place.

Natural, candid, lifestyle pictures of your family, capturing memories that will live on for generations to come.

WLFN+F Family sessions are available across Geelong and the Surf Coast.
* Please note I have limited availability through wedding season

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